Good Birth Stories

Every woman’s good birth story is different – but they are all exciting, encouraging and infectious. Some of the women who have agreed to be birth buddies have also let us share their stories here, to tell their stories more widely to anyone who visits the site.

Sophie’s story – a positive, unplanned caesarean

My birth plan went a little something like this….Midwife led Birthing Centre, Relaxation music, Essential oils, freedom to move and a baby-led birth. My plan ended up looking like this… I had pain in my back and tightening’s across my bump at 24 weeks. I called and spoke to  my midwife who was fantastic, and […] Read more »

Eden’s unplanned, positive story…

Throughout my pregnancy I had been practising hypnobirthing and mindfulness to develop a level of calmness and be focused and positive about the birth of my baby. By attending a 1 day hypnobirthing workshop with my partner and listening to my MP3s and affirmations throughout the final 4 months I began to build a trust […] Read more »

Laura’s story

I started getting contractions at about 11am on Tuesday, about 30 minutes after my father in law had finished fixing something in our house – he said after he thought I seemed funny! They were quite sporadic and mild so I pottered around the house for a while wondering if this really was it. I […] Read more »

Tori’s story – Sadie’s birth

  My partner describes Sadie’s arrival as ‘like watching a masterclass in how to give birth’.  I prefer to say that she shot out like a cannonball (I think that’s what my face in the photo says too)! I’m not which is most accurate, but either way it was a truly amazing experience.  Before having […] Read more »

Kerry’s story

I had a very easy pregnancy, no sickness, blood pressure was good and I felt very well. Prior to falling pregnant I had booked a long weekend away with extended family to a large house with a pool around 45 minutes drive from home. Turned out to be the weekend before I started my maternity […] Read more »

Madeleine’s story – Rachel’s birth at home

Soon after finding out I was pregnant with my second child I decided I would try for a homebirth. Homebirth was something I never even considered or knew very much at all about with my first.  I had a very positive birth at Queen Charlotte’s midwife led unit with my son.  So on one level […] Read more »

Megan’s story – positive induction

Almost 3 weeks since Otis saw the outside world for the very first time and my memories of how it all happened are fast slipping away! Mother Nature is very cunning! So this is how she tricks us all into doing it again.. Time to write it down before my mind loses it completely! I […] Read more »

Lucy’s story

  Little man was due to be born on the 25th September 2016, and like any new expectant mummy I spent a good chunk of my pregnancy wondering what labour would be like. I asked endless amounts of people what I should expect when the big day arrives and of course I was told a fair […] Read more »

Nyree’s vbac story – Nico’s birth

  My first son was breech, and as such, was born via C-section: signed, sealed, delivered. I always knew I wanted a natural delivery, but when I fell pregnant in December 2015, I had little hope that my weird- shaped womb would let me deliver in any other way than a caesarean. So imagine my […] Read more »

Nina’s story

I became pregnant in August 2015 with my second child. I suffer from Hyperemesis Gravidarum and the symptoms kicked in before if even had a positive pregnancy test. So it’s fair to say my pregnancy was miserable. I was bed bound for 11 weeks and absent from work for 14 straight. I was admitted to […] Read more »