Emily's story - Willow's birth

Baby Willow came into the world on 29th March, 2019, at precisely 9.32am. 

I was due on the 15th, but she kept me waiting. My husband said I made it too comfy for her in there. Walking, running, spicy foods, pineapple - nothing worked so I was given two sweeps by a midwife. But still, no luck! 


I was given an induction date but I just didn't want to be induced. It felt so wrong. So I went to a reflexologist I’d been recommended in Glastonbury. Women have had their waters  break right there on her couch after a treatment, so I booked and went. 


The next day was the induction day, so I went to get my hair done, to help me stay nice and chilled and popped into Aldi to get a few bits. 


And that’s where it happened. Suddenly I felt a gush of waters. I called the hospital and they said come on in to be checked and it was confirmed. As the waters had been gone a while, they kept me in for monitoring but I felt ok about it and just got myself comfortable. 

I laid out my essential oils, diffused some lavender into the air and played my hypnobirthing video by Sophie Fox.


I also had a nice warm bath with some clarysage drops sprinkled into the water. 


Eventually, at around 7.30pm, I started to feel some waves. I used my ball to bounce on and did lots of pressing against the wall, really leaning my weight into it and letting my back and hips swing and sway. I’d learned this in my active birth class. I also started getting into different positions, finding comfort and relief in whatever way I could. Walking helped too, as well as hanging off my partner, him holding me up when the wave came, or pushing into him. 


After about 6 hours of this, I got in the birthpool. I also started using the gas and air which was great. It helped me space out and relax and I liked the light-headed fuzzy feeling it gave me.  The water made me sleepy and I also wanted to feel the ground now, some gravity, so I got out. I kept my breathing deep though, and when a wave came, I made sure to breathe deep, hard and strong, which helped me stay really focussed. 


My midwife did a firm massage over my hips, pushing in really strongly, which helped relieve some tension. An hour later, it felt time to be on all fours. I remembered a movement we’d done in yoga, gentle forward and back rocks and I did this, holding onto the top of the bed for support.  I also put frankincense on the pillow I was leaning on and breathed it in – it was a real help with the pain. 


I was pushing now and could feel the baby moving back and forth. It was so intense and I can remembering thinking, I can't do it. But then the thought of meeting her got me through it and with every wave, my husband would remind me I was that bit closer to meeting her.


Finally, I gave a last push and she was out - not so little Willow was here! All 9 pounds 2 ounces of her. She was the most special thing I have ever seen. 


Willow came out floppy which was a bit scary but they quickly gave her a bit of help and then I heard a big cry. It  was a relief – and then they gave her to me and we had some lovely skin to skin. 

I am so pleased that I got myself prepared for birth because it helped hugely. I went regularly to a local active birth yoga class, did some hypnobirthing too and both helped me to feel in control and confident. 
AlI I kept thinking was stay in the zone, don’t lose it, even when it got really tough. I kept hearing my active birth teacher’s voice in my head, reminding me that I was built for this and it kept me going. It helped me to stay focused and let my body take control.