Good birth stories are powerful. Hearing a mother's experience - how she felt, what helped her feel strong, the way they were loved and listened to - it's more than comfort. It's a model to copy. 

Learning from first-hand experience gifts you confidence for your birth. And when you also have a story to share, you can pay that forward in turn. 

For nine years, tell me a good birth story has been building a big chain of beautiful birth stories. The link gets longer all the time, so if you'd like to add to it, please get in touch.  Whether waterbirth or caesarean, induction or a breech birth at home, if you want to contribute your experience as a way to support new parents, contact us using the SHARE YOUR STORY page. 

As for how to use this site.....head over to our library and dive in. A scroll's ok. But better still, get yourself a cup of tea and have a proper 'meeting' with the people sharing their stories there. In amongst the tales you'll find some tips from me - pearls and pointers about what all women need, wherever their birth journey takes them. 

For further encouragement, my book How to Have a Baby is packed with practical guidance, and will help provide a clear path to you having a positive birth experience yourself.

Buy a copy, for yourself or a friend, and you’ll be supporting our site and helping our community to grow.




'Absolutely loved this book. Very informative and full of no-nonsense, real and realistic advice about giving birth. A fantastic resource for preparing for a positive birth experience, whatever kind of birth you have. On top of that, it is a beautiful book with gorgeous imagery.  A joy to read.' Noobug, Amazon Customer 

'Natalie is all your mothers, your sisters, your aunties and your friends arriving bearing the gifts of their experience and wisdom. Nothing this book shares with us is useless; every page holds a nugget that could make birth or parenting easier or more beautiful. Reading the section on labour I felt I could hear Natalie’s warm, kind voice, holding my hand as she passed on the deep, intuitive knowledge that can only come from years spent accompanying parents through labour and birth.'  AIMS (Association for the Improvement of Maternity Services )

'I adored this book and can’t stop recommending it to people. I read it when pregnant with my second child and learnt so much, despite having giving birth before. It made so much sense! I learnt about all the stages of labour and was so much better prepared for my second birth. I loved the suggestions of lavender and hot water bottles, and other tips.  It made me feel nurtured and excited about the birth. A very special book!' Jo 

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