Find a birth buddy…

It’s common for women now to feel anxious about birth. Even scared. But not long ago, a newly pregnant woman would have been surrounded by women with wisdom and experience. She’d have seen pregnancies, had an understanding of labour and because she knew what to expect, was enabled to meet the experience with confidence.

By contrast, a pregnant woman today can feel alone – short on support and reliant on birth information that feels abstract and unreal. The stories she’ll hear will likely be scary ones; the media’s message is that birth is something to dread and as a consequence of this negativity, women easily feel unsettled and demoralised.

‘I hadn’t anticipated the effect hearing a good birth story in detail would have on me. My plan had been to go with the flow, to see what happened on the day. But after contacting a couple of mothers and hearing their stories, I could see it paid to be proactive. One had had a waterbirth, the other had chosen to be on a labour ward. But both had really informed themselves and had all sorts of tricks up their sleeves for getting comfortable. Neither had felt overwhelmed during labour, and with just a few emails, they shared how I could take charge in the same way. ‘ Francesca

But there’s encouraging word-of-mouth wisdom to be had today too. There are thousands of women with really positive birth experiences to share, and by getting in touch and asking us to find you a birth buddy, we’ll connect you with them.

We’ll do our best to match you with someone in your area, or someone who felt as you do. Perhaps you are worried about pain relief and want to know how to help yourself; maybe induction is being recommended but you want to decline. By hearing the ups and down of another mother’s journey, what comforted and kept her strong, you’ll discover the things that make a difference. Get in touch by completing the form below and we’ll get back to you, usually within a week. Please note that we are UK based and in the main, deal with UK enquiries. However, we do have some international buddies, and are happy to hook people up where possible.