Marie's story

When I first got pregnant I was totally convinced I'd either have a c section or at the very least an epidural. I went to my first birth class on the wonderful NHS when I was about 8 weeks. I found out a few of my options in terms of where I could give birth and the type of medication available.
All I could think about was this unknown scary but legendary pain. So I was still convinced drugging me up to my eyeballs was the best  option. My husband was very concerned about this attitude and urged me to relax and do more research. We signed up to nct and googled a lot.

At first I scoffed. I mean I was the one who was giving birth who was he to tell me I should have a medication-free birth. But after finding out that some of the drugs tend to pass on to baby even though it's only a small amount made me rethink my stance. 

And as my pregnancy progressed and my wonderful midwives kept me calm. I became more and open to the idea of no drugs.I then visited a birth centre at around 20 weeks and decided that's where I was giving birth and decided I'd just have gas and air. 

My contractions started spontainsaly at 41 week's. When I arrived at the centre, they offered me drugs and I automatically said yes give them all to me. My husband kindly reminded everyone I didn't want them. Part of me wanted to punch him but the other half was relieved. 

I demanded all the lights be turned off and no one was allowed to talk unless there was a medical reason. I then just breathed through my contractions (which were very painful obviously) but manageable. After a few hours I got in the pool. Honestly the water instantly took all my pain away.
Within half an hour I was fully dilated and I started to push. I felt like a total warrior, it was the hardest thing I've ever done but the best thing I've ever done. Halfway through this stage I asked for gas and air as it was the only thing I was ok with using during labour and remembered I hadn't used it yet. My midwife laughed and said "honey his head is out do you really need it?"

I realised she was right and shortly afterwards I gave birth to a 8 pound beautiful little boy. 
I did tear a little but I had a wonderful birth and would highly recommend med free births and water births if possible.