Taking proper pause

Another virtue brought by the necessity of the big pause. 

Babies are getting beautifully bonny and fat. In record time. 

That's what I'm hearing. Certainly what I'm seeing. 

It's extraordinary. A proper phenomenon. And yet so bloody obvious a way to be, it's enough to make you weep. 

For a mother's body to recover, for milk to be made, energy is required. So why waste one speck of that precious currency on unnecessaries - on visitors, appointments and outings in the first six weeks? Why divert blood flow and vital warmth to anything other than your rebalancing body and growing baby?

Take note everyone, of how well the babies are thriving right now - because who wants to return to the way it was?

I for one can testify to the fruitless false economy of THAT. I was up, down, here, there. It wasn't about proving something, just that the new of it all made me anxious. I think it was a need for things to be the same again. And how I regret it. What a saddening waste of time all that 'business as usual' was. 

Because what is usual about the start of a life, the start of a mother, the start of a family?

Take your time everyone. Feel every bit of that important pause.