Why Mel loves labour

I hate the feeling of going into labour - the early stage, when things are just gearing up. I much prefer active labour and in fact welcome it.
When things begin for me in birth, I get uncomfortable sporadic cramping and irritability that feels almost constant (this is the part I don’t like). 
Once it turns into actual labour, the cramps become contractions that have an actual start and end. As soon as a contraction ends I feel normal again and can rest before the next one.
It’s so much easier to surrender to contractions and give them your whole attention because once you're at that point, you know it’s labour and the work will end with a baby. 
The early cramping that’s just uncomfortable is so much harder to cope with because it could be about to turn into labour or could go on for days or just stop. The uncertainty is difficult. 
I’d much rather know it’s for sure labour and get in the zone than sit around wondering and being uncomfortable with no end in sight.