Klara's story

I woke up with Braxton hicks contractions. That's what they felt like. It was 7am. We had a lovely last breakfast as a family of three. I
had lots of energy, so I cleaned the kitchen and then at 10am, I went to a yoga class, and my husband took our three year old daughter to soft play. 

My contractions started getting regular, so I did think things were beginning. Even my yoga teacher said she thought I was in labour, but I still didn't think I'd be holding my baby for a long time yet. After yoga, I went to collect my husband and daughter from soft play and decided to have a coffee. I'd just sat down with my mug, when my waters broke, so we jumped into the car and headed home. 

My contractions were now strong and regular, so my husband called triage. Thankfully my favourite midwife was on, so that helped me to feel relaxed. It was around midday. I was bouncing on my birth ball and listening to my hypnobirthing cd. Both really helped. My husband was busy filling the pool and we had a friend over to help with my daughter.  At that point, I started swearing a lot, so my friend decided to take my little girl and the dog out for a walk. I was glad about that, even though it hadn't been the original plan.

My midwife arrived and I was kneeling in the living room. She looked at me and immediately said that I'd be having the baby soon. She told my husband to stop filling the pool, as there wasn't time now, and to come and help her as the second midwife wasn't there yet. He kneeled down behind me and immediately I felt the urge to push. With that one push, my baby's head delivered. It was so quick. I didn't even push, I just kind of breathed her out. Then the rest of her arrived. It was so overwhelming, I can't even explain the feelings properly. I then got on the sofa and cuddled our lovely baby. My midwife examined me but there was no no tearing, bruises or bleeding and pretty soon the placenta was out and we cut the cord. I went to have a shower then, and the other midwife came with me in case I felt faint. 

When I got back, everything had been cleaned up, which was wonderful. So my husband made me a cuppa and some toast, and I just relaxed back and enjoyed my new baby. The midwives stayed for a bit, observing us, but only discreetly. It felt like having old friends round and we just chatted. 

So there you go. It was all so quick - one and a half hours after my waters broke.  I didn't expect the second birth to be that quick and that 'easy' and  I do feel so lucky to have had such good experiences giving birth to both my babies. Preparation helped I think - hypnobirthing and yoga and also perineal massage. My wish is that more women could feel this way and have a positive experience giving birth. It's wonderful.