Jane's story - a positive second birth

Rory is now 2 weeks old, feeding well and putting on lots of weight. He arrived at 41 weeks and a few days. The birth was a bit dramatic but all fine in the end. We went in to the hospital in the morning with very intense and painful contractions but minimal dilation. I had some pethidine at that point and it really helped. As I wasn’t in active labour, and they needed my bed, I was sent home early evening.

A few hours later, we were back in a taxi - at which point I was trying desperately not to push.
I'd been attending a weekly Active Birth yoga class and all the discussions we had had in class, from effective birth positions, to how to say no, really helped me to trust what was going on in my body and not over think the process.
It was such a relief when I could let the contractions take over and allow my body to set the pace. My waters had broken on the walk from the main doors to my room, and I knew it was all happening.  The first thing the midwives said when I entered the birthing room was did I want to get on the bed. I ignored them as all I wanted to do was drop to my knees on the floor. I held the side of the bed and shut my eyes and breathed (and screamed) and it felt quite easy to block out everything around me. Baby Rory arrived safe and sound, 7lb6, within 15 minutes of the taxi dropping us off!
I think I now understand how much better a home birth could be. The midwives did a brilliant job, but the absolute worst part of all of the labour was feeling that I couldn’t go with what felt natural, because I needed to travel, or move rooms, or get dressed or undressed. It felt quite panicky, and the pain was so much worse when I was sitting in a bright, uncomfortable triage area, or in a car, or manouvering stairs or lifts.